Social and visual anthropologist

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Everybody needs a tribe


A film about what it takes to create and maintain a community, and about why communities might matter.

Every other year,in an American scouting camp, a unique event takes place: the Vohra Families Reunion, a gathering of Gujarati Muslim families, who travel here from all over North America to meet distant relatives and make new acquaintances, and to celebrate their shared origins in the Gujarati Charotar region. This film shows how a community - a ‘tribe’, as participants say - is both created and challenged during the three days of the event, through games, rituals, foods, and performances.

The community’s leaders are reaching the age of retirement and hope that a new generation will take over their tasks. This planned leadership transition raises questions about aims and aspirations. What does the gathering do for different participants? Will younger people be motivated to keep organizing this event in the future? Some are preparing themselves to become new leaders, but they also wish to transform the event in their own ways.