Social and visual anthropologist

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Take Away Ritual portrays backpackers and inhabitants of Pushkar (India). Central to this film is a Hindu ritual adapted to western tourists.
In the town of Pushkar, many residents earn a living by delivering services to backpackers. However, as many backpackers seek interaction with locals in their quest for authenticity,  the residents themselves have become part of the attraction. The Pushkar pooja-ritual reveals the complexity of the interaction between these actors. Backpackers are interested in Hinduism, but also reiterate a spiritually inspired Orientalism. Priests have utilized this imagining of the East to their advantage, bringing Pushkar prosperity. Not everyone perceives this development as a blessing.

Take Away Ritual was made in Rajasthan, India, by Sanderien Verstappen & Koen Alefs, 2002. It was screened at international film festivals in Italy, China, and the Netherlands, discussed in Dutch media (newspaper Trouw, radio NCRV, magazines Folia and Sofia), and was screened for five consecutive years at the compulsory introduction day for first-year anthropology students at the University of Amsterdam.