Social and visual anthropologist




Social anthropology: My research broadly addresses questions of connectivity, inequality, and social change, through mobile forms of ethnography combined with historical-comparative analysis. Following my doctoral research project on 'Mobility and the Region', I now work on a book 'Muslims in an Indian Town: Reorientation in a Post-violence Landscape' about the long-term consequences of communal violence in a small town in West-India. In my postdoctoral project, I develop multimodal methods and knowledge exchange strategies for anthropological research into the politics of (in)visibility.

Visual anthropology: Film is a research tool and a medium of publication. As method, film helps me to pay close attention to the spatial, practical and performative aspects of social processes; as medium, film complements my writing and allows me to communicate with broader audiences. All pictures and films on this website were made by me as part of research projects, mostly in India (Gujarat) but also in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, and China. My publishing style is hybrid, involving text and film(scenes) as interlinked outputs.


I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Ethnology Institute of the University of Tübingen, and at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden (IIAS). Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Postcolonial Displacements project at the Leiden Institute for Area Studies at Leiden University. My PhD (obtained in 2016) was part of the NWO/WOTRO-funded project 'Provincial Globalisation', a collaborative international research programme at the University of Amsterdam (AISSR) and the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore (NIAS).